Antique Stores Prices

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Home Improvement: Antique Light Bulbs

There are a lot of things from the past that we cannot just forget about; things that give us sudden joy when we think of it. The lights are everywhere and some of us have rediscovered antique light bulbs and made it part of home decoration.

Thomas Alva Edison is the person who invented this stuff. This is an American invention that successfully made its break through that would forever be a change in the homes since the 1880. The first light bulbs that he has invented are electric lamps where filament is then heated for incandescence by way of electricity. These days, lights bulb uses filaments that are from tungsten and not made from carbon.

The replica of the original prototype is such a popular antique light bulb of Thomas Alva Edison. During the early 1900s, there are lots of beautiful designs such as the Victorian style that are so famous these days. Also, there are the nouveau and soviet-era light bulb that is from Russia.

Below are some ways on how to buy an antique light bulb.

You could buy light bulbs in different antique stores. You could look out for old lamps that are on the display if you cannot find out what you are looking for. If you can find something, I suggest that you have the bulb only. The different antique stores these days accept credit cards and even cash. They also accept checks or money orders.

You could look through the sale advertisements about light bulb collector websites. There are sites that collectors of these items post some of their light bulbs that are for sale. You could look for some of what you feel and buy these things.

Also, there are sites for bidding antique light bulbs too that are for sale. There are also auctions that you can buy already instead of bidding for it.

The different antique light bulbs and some of the best selection are online. There are reputable sites that are trusted so you should go for it instead of the ones you have never heard before. You can easily compare prices with the other products than going out and visit different antique bulb stores. There are now websites for this kind of antique stores where customers could easily surf for what they want.

About the Author
Learn more about antique light bulbs. Stop by Abel Alexander's site where you can find out all about antique light bulbs and what it can do for you.

Antique Stores Prices

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Looking Around An Antique Mall

Frequently Asked Questions...

I have aluminum antique pots from the vietnam war how do i find out what they are worth?

they are engraved with the word bloomfield and i know one is from 1961 and the other two are from 1967 that is all i know.

Best Answer...


Try searching on Ebay. See if you can find anything like your pots and see if they are selling and for how much. The prices on Ebay are low right now though, they would not be as high as antique store prices but you could get some kind of idea and it is pretty simple to do. Good luck

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