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Cleall Antiques UK: Antique shop in Petworth, Sussex, UK for Decorative Antiques and Decorative Antique Furniture

Since Cleall Antiques was established many years ago we have found that due to our ever increasing popularity supplying an eclectic mix of stock including a range of fabulous gilded antique carved wooden gesso plain and ornate french antique mirrors of all various shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and demands. Mirrors from the small portrait or landscape shaped mirrors to amazing ornate painted or gilt over mantle mirrors to mirrors that can be used in whatever project or room size.

Our vast choice of decorative French and English antique mirrors and antique furniture has led to many designers and clients requesting Cleall Antiques to furnish and decorate their homes and hotels etc. Also our range of antiques includes decorative French and English painted furniture from bedroom furniture to the kitchen dresser.

We are currently about to undergo an exciting project. A 12 bedroom French chateau, strangely enough it is cheaper to source the antique French furniture and French mirrors here in this country and transport them to France than to buy locally in France.

Our interior design capabilities are enhanced by our highly regarded mix of antique furnishings including the wonderful mix of antique French and continental antique mirrors. We source reasonable but very desirable decorative French antique furniture and French gilded and painted antique mirrors for a number of locations including some rather grand hotels in London and the West Country. No project is too large or too small we undertake every assignment with the same degree of care and attention, so whatever the demand no job receives less attention to detail.

Due to the current economic climate we are very conscience that whatever we source we do so with not only quality but with budget in mind making sure all our customers are happy with every aspect of our work according to their budget. Cleall Antiques always stock amazing Decorative Antique French, Antique Italian, Antique Continental, Antique English mix of mirrors and furniture and also antique French and continental chandeliers, antique lighting and lamps.

We also invite customers to our beautiful Georgian house located a few minutes from Arundel, West Sussex to view some of the eclectic mix of stock including antique French mirrors and antique French and English decorative furniture in a room setting. This enables the customer to see for themselves what a particular piece of furniture like antique chairs, antique sofas, antique chest of drawers, antique cupboards, antique dressers, antique tables or antique mirror looks like in a situation they can imagine in their own home. Add little more spices to home decorative with our collection of antique ceramics, antique pictures, antique statues and antique ornaments.

Many overseas buyers are already finding this a desirable and peaceful experience to enjoy the surroundings in West Sussex with picturesque countryside with an easy access to many main roads, whilst admiring our decorative eclectic mix of furnishings. We offer a Bed and Breakfast facility with ensuite bathroom and off road parking for many customers this is a great excuse to unwind and take in all the nearby local attractions in the area such as Arundel Castle, the South Downs to name but a few.

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Contact us online today and view our best collection of French antiques, English antiques, decorative antiques, painted furniture and decorative furniture. Antique furniture we usually stock includes antique cupboards, antique dressers, antique chest of drawers, antique console tables, antique ceramics, antique lighting, antique mirrors, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do antique seltzer bottles work?

I want to buy an antique glass seltzer bottle for my dad. I want to make sure he has the complete system but I am confused by the way the old bottles work. There seems to be no co2 cartridge holder on these antiques and don't know how the system works. Any info would be appreciated.

Best Answer...


Antique seltzer bottles are designed to be filled with soda water rather than flat water. They are just designed in a way to dispense the soda at a relatively high pressure and to keep the remaining soda carbonated rather than it going flat. They are not designed to make normal flat water fizzy.

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